What Keeps You Working?

There are many reasons why people retire. There are also many reasons why people continue to work well into what some consider the “retirement years”. If you are one of those people working well into your 60s or 70s–or have decided you want to continue working well into those age ranges–what keeps you motivated to stay in the working world? In recent years, many have said that health and retirement benefits are a big factor for staying employed. For others, it can be the social aspect of the office that keeps them motivated to keep working. Some may have no choice but to work so as to pay off debts or build up a bigger nest egg. If this current recession that we are in remains for a prolonged period, many older workers may continue working so as to be able to afford retirement. Such decisions were common as well a little over a decade ago when we went through our last serious economic downturn. Whatever your reason for continuing to work into your golden years, just make sure that you fully embrace your decision and that you are doing so for the right reasons. Also, don’t lose sight of retirement and the wonderful time that it can be for you. Set retirement goals and celebrate when you meet them.