The Unpredictability of Investing

It’s easy to judge an investment in hindsight. What’s hard to do is to predict what will happen with an investment when you purchase it. If it’s stock, who knows how the company will perform over the long run? Will it’s products or services remain relevant? Will ownership continue to innovate? If you have invested in property (i.e. land or a building), will the improvements you make upon it work out? If you plan on renting it out, the rental market in the area remain strong or end up weak? These are unpredictable things that create risk with every investment. Continue reading The Unpredictability of Investing

Understanding the Unpredictability of the Markets

If you have money tied up in the markets and are a prudent investor, you’ve probably noticed the somewhat erratic movements that markets around the globe have undergone in recent days. The past few days have seen markets rise and fall with little continuity among them. Some are up, some are down. Periods like these are a reminder of the unpredictability of the markets and the importance of concepts such as portfolio diversity and risk appetite. Maintaining a diverse portfolio and knowing just how much risk you are willing to accept can help protect your investments and money from market Continue reading Understanding the Unpredictability of the Markets