Going It Alone Investing? Be Smart About It

Thanks to technology, it’s easy to become an investor these days. All you need is Internet access and a device and you can open a brokerage account. Such ease can be exciting and make one feel as though they have more control over their finances and future. However, it can also be dangerous. The ability to invest your money with the touch of your finger can also lead to a nonchalantness about investing and money. It’s not uncommon for people to get a bit carried away with investing when they first start using apps such as E*Trade or Robinhood. A Continue reading Going It Alone Investing? Be Smart About It

When Investing, Be Sure to Look at Both Sides

If you follow the markets and investing, then you are probably aware of the terms “bull” and “bear” when describing their projected activity. A “bullish” market is on the upswing, while a “bearish” market is in decline over a period of time. This is important because given how the stock market has performed over the past year or so, it’s not very clear as to where exactly things stand, so you will likely have people with various views and opinions about whether it’s a bear or bull situation. You may even find yourself feeling strongly about one trend or the Continue reading When Investing, Be Sure to Look at Both Sides

The Stock Market Isn’t About Getting Rich Quick

You’ve probably seen it played out in television shows and movies where someone buys a stock and suddenly the value skyrockets and they become super rich. Yes, there are even stories of it happening in real life (of course with lots of luck involved). These instances and fantasies can make investing in the stock market very enticing. However, it’s important to remember that the stock market won’t make you rich overnight and that you need to be savvy when you use it. That means doing research and being smart about how and when you invest your money. You will want Continue reading The Stock Market Isn’t About Getting Rich Quick

The Unpredictability of Investing

It’s easy to judge an investment in hindsight. What’s hard to do is to predict what will happen with an investment when you purchase it. If it’s stock, who knows how the company will perform over the long run? Will it’s products or services remain relevant? Will ownership continue to innovate? If you have invested in property (i.e. land or a building), will the improvements you make upon it work out? If you plan on renting it out, the rental market in the area remain strong or end up weak? These are unpredictable things that create risk with every investment. Continue reading The Unpredictability of Investing

Could Your Retirement Research Hurt Your Retirement Savings?

As I’ve said in many past blog posts, there’s a lot of data out there when it comes to retirement planning. Some of it helpful, some of it misleading or confusing. While I encourage you to go out and do your own retirement research, I just want to remind you that the information you are reading out there isn’t necessarily designed for someone in your exact situation. It may be written with someone in a similar earning bracket or age or similar socioeconomic background in mind, but not for you in particular. That’s important to keep in mind as you Continue reading Could Your Retirement Research Hurt Your Retirement Savings?

Be Smart When It Comes to Diversification

If your retirement savings are invested in the stock market or you are planning on using an investment portfolio to help offset the costs of retirement, you have probably heard plenty of talk about the importance of diversification. The purpose behind diversification is to help protect your portfolio against market swings so that you don’t get hit too badly when they occur. It’s a concept that can mean different strokes for different folks. To some, diversification may means investing in companies in various industries, while others may look at it as investing in different markets (i.e. stocks vs. bonds), while Continue reading Be Smart When It Comes to Diversification

Make Sure You Read Efficiently and Effectively

Thanks to the Internet, you can read up on just about every topic imaginable (thanks for choosing my blog at this moment! lol.). With all those words out there to read, how do you know that you are reading efficiently and getting the most out of what you are reading? The key is to get good and useful information out of what you read. There are a few ways to do that. First, you will want to to vet the sources that you are reading. What appears when you do a Google search of the source? Is the sources you Continue reading Make Sure You Read Efficiently and Effectively

Are You Getting the Right Advice?

There are thousands of blogs and websites out on the Internet today that spout financial advice. Some of that advice is actually quite helpful and comes from well-meaning professionals (i.e. certified financial planners), while some of that information is from dubious sources that may be hawking a particular idea or theory for some particular reason or gain. As I’ve mentioned on this blog in the past, it can be hard to sort through all the financial information out there on the Internet and know that the information you are getting is legitimate and helpful. Aside from giving you tips and Continue reading Are You Getting the Right Advice?

Research Now to Avoid Hassle Later

If you have aging parents or family members–or you, yourself are aging–you may begin to think about assets and finances and what will happen to them when death inevitably comes. In thinking such thoughts, you should also think about the immediacy with which you want to do things. Is it likely that you will inherit and IRA or money, then you may want to consider now what you plan to do with that money and do some preliminary research into what needs to be done and what paperwork needs to be filled out. Will you be inheriting property? You may Continue reading Research Now to Avoid Hassle Later