Don’t Let the Fed (or Politics) Impact Your Investing Decisions

A few weeks ago, I wrote about whether the pending impeachment inquiry would–or could–impact the markets. While I do tend to stay away from talking about things like the Fed or politics, I may make some exceptions over the next year or so, especially as we move towards next year’s elections. As you may well know, the Fed lowered interest rates again last week, which was the third time they’ve done so since July. This move will impact the markets, but by the time you figure out what that impact will be, the markets will already have reacted and you’ll Continue reading Don’t Let the Fed (or Politics) Impact Your Investing Decisions

Politics and the Markets

I don’t like to talk about politics in this blog as it really doesn’t have any impact on retirement or building up a nest egg. However, given the impeachment inquiries going on at the moment and the brawling that is just beginning regarding them, it may be wise to at least discuss whether such proceedings can have an effect on markets. While there is very little data on such matters, the what little info there is doesn’t show that the markets are swayed by partisan happenings on Capitol Hill. For example, the stock market continued to skyrocket during the Clinton Continue reading Politics and the Markets

Getting Closer to Feeling SECURE

Over the past few months, I’ve occasionally written about the SECURE Act. The legislation, formally known as Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (SECURE), could have some big impacts on retirement saving for a wide swath of Americans. These changes include framework that will allow small business to band together to offer retirement benefits and will remove the maximum age for IRA contributions. Yesterday, the legislation passed the House by overwhelming numbers–a rare bipartisan showing of support these days. It will next move on to the Senate. The Senate meanwhile, is voting on it’s own legislation to revamp the Continue reading Getting Closer to Feeling SECURE

Retirement Benefits May Become a Requirement in the Future

It may not be evident, but the gaps between the classes in American society have widened over the past decade. The rich have gotten richer, while the middle class and lower classes have struggled to improve their lots. Meanwhile, costs of living have gone up, and along with that, the amount needed to live a comfortable life in retirement. On top of all this, the Baby Boomer generation–one of the largest segments of our country–has aged and started to retire, placing a strain on the resources that once were considered hallmarks of retirement. Things such as Social Security and pensions Continue reading Retirement Benefits May Become a Requirement in the Future