Thinking Beyond Money When Deciding to Retire

Yes, your finances are a crucial part of your decision to retire. After all, you really can’t retire until you have enough saved up to support yourself. However, money shouldn’t be the sole reason you decide to retire. There are other aspects of retirement that need to be considered as well when deciding whether to retire. Such topics include what you plan on doing in retirement, whether you are socially prepared for retirement, and whether you have proper health insurance/medical care plans. These topics won’t overtake finances when it comes to being comfortable enough to retire, but they can have a big role in how long your nest egg lasts and how much you enjoy retirement. For example, if you don’t have plans for how you will cover your medical expenses in retirement, you could be putting your nest egg at risk as medical bills can really add up, especially as you age. Those bills could eat into your savings and leave you with a shortage in the future. The social aspect of retirement is also often overlooked. Leaving the social structure of an office environment can be a tough adjustment for retirees, particularly when the office is an important part of their social life. Make no mistake, retirement can be a lonely time without a good social network to enjoy it with. For retirees living far away from family, it can be even more difficult. Therefore, as you contemplate retirement, you should take time to think about more than just the financial aspects of it. Even if you find that you are financially ready for retirement, you may find that you’re not socially ready to do so or that you just don’t want to stop working.