Scratching a “Risk” Itch

As I’ve mentioned in the past, investing can be a great way to grow your nest egg. With a good understanding of your risk appetite and your goals–both long-term and short-term–you can make investment decisions that can put your money to work for you. However, making cautious investment decisions can seem boring at times, especially making decisions regarding long-term goals (i.e. saving for retirement while decades away). It can also be tempting at times to play with the markets a bit and experiment with taking on a little more risk than you normally do. Now, I’m not suggesting you risk Continue reading Scratching a “Risk” Itch

Retirement Today Will Be Different From Retirement Tomorrow

I cannot predict the future, but I am very, very comfortable in saying that retirement will be different for future generations that it is for current retirees (and those about to retire). As to how different, I don’t know, but as with many things, it will change with each future generation as it has for past generations. Not only will retirement itself be redefined, but so too will the ways that people save for retirement. It’s already happening. For example, younger generations today have extensive resources and opportunities available to save for retirement, but they are also looking at longer Continue reading Retirement Today Will Be Different From Retirement Tomorrow

Sometimes Finance Is More Than Just Numbers

As you are probably well aware, not everyone understands finances. Some people just have a natural ability to understand the intricacies and formulas involved in finance and economics (chances are they’re probably good at math overall). The formulas out there regarding how much you should withdrawal for retirement alone can be downright tricky and confusing, especially for those without a financial planning background. However, just keep in mind that just because you understand how the numbers work doesn’t mean you will automatically be able to make them work for yourself. There are many Americans that don’t have the ability to Continue reading Sometimes Finance Is More Than Just Numbers

Did You Meet Your Financial Goals in 2018?

It’s the last day of 2018, which means it’s the perfect time to reflect on how the past 365 days went financially. What were your financial goals at the beginning of the year? Did they change over the 12 month period? Did you meet most, if not all, of your goals for the year? What are your goals for 2019? These are all questions that you should be asking yourself as 2018 comes to an end and 2019 begins. You should also take some time to set your financial goals for the next year. When you do so, you should Continue reading Did You Meet Your Financial Goals in 2018?

When Investing, Your Past Is Your Future

If you have used the markets to grow your nest egg and finances, how did you react to gains and losses? What did you do and how did you feel after market fluctuations? As with anything you interact with, your past actions and experiences with markets and investing can shape how you handle markets ups and downs in the future. This is important to understand because it can lead you to avoid making mistakes in the future as well as to understand the role that emotions play in investing. Emotions can cloud out rational thoughts, which in turn can lead Continue reading When Investing, Your Past Is Your Future

Why Financial Literacy Is So Important

If you want to take an active role in your retirement and financial planning, you need to be financially literate. You need to understand where your money is going, what is happening with the money you are saving, and what you need your money to do for you in the future. This is where financial literacy comes in. Being financially literate allows you to understand things such as financial statements and tax documents so that you know what is happening with your money and where it is happening. Financial literacy also provides opportunities to learn about the latest trends and Continue reading Why Financial Literacy Is So Important

The Importance of Learning From Your Retirement Planning Mistakes

Planning and saving for retirement is a journey. During that journey you will most likely make a few mistakes that you will hopefully learn from and move on. Even if you plan everything out and seek professional advice, you can still make mistakes. Maybe you made an investment that didn’t quite pan-out like you hoped or you struggled to make a decision regarding a retirement plan and you didn’t like how that felt. Those mistakes happen and usually they can be easily corrected over time. What is most important is that you learn from those mistakes and use them to Continue reading The Importance of Learning From Your Retirement Planning Mistakes