Having Purpose in Retirement

For many retirees, retirement isn’t all that it’s trumped up to be. Retirement can in fact be a very lonely, depressing, and anxious experience. So much of retirement planning is centered around finances and goals that it’s easy to overlook other important aspects, such as how retirement may affect your social life and what keeps you fulfilled in life. For example, many retirees struggle with the social consequences of leaving the workplace. For many people, the daily interactions they have–and the relationships they maintain–with co-workers and clients are an important part of their social lives. Some retirees may not realize Continue reading Having Purpose in Retirement

Retirement is About More Than Money

You can retire with all the money in the world, but that doesn’t guarantee that you will be happy in retirement. People often get caught up in saving enough money for retirement, but they sometimes overlook other aspects of retirement, such as what they will do with their time and what they need to remain happy once they stop working. While money is very, very important to retirement, so too is the happiness and mental well-being of the retiree. Depression is not uncommon with retirees, especially those so closely tied to their work. Loneliness is another problem for some people Continue reading Retirement is About More Than Money

Pursuing Happiness in Retirement

Retirement can be a tough time for some people. After decades of working and raising families, some may find it difficult to cope with everything slowing down and having lots of extra time on your hands. During that free time, such people may start thinking about and considering things that they hadn’t had the time to think about or consider in the past, which may be both good and bad. If such boredom is your retirement fear, always remember that you can avoid it by making sure that you remain happy and positive in retirement and that you pursue goals Continue reading Pursuing Happiness in Retirement

The Importance of Relationships in Retirement

Having good relationships with family and friends can make retirement all the more enjoyable and can make you happier. It can be easy to lose sight of relationships when you are saving for retirement and focused on the financial aspects of your post-career life. However, the strength of your relationships with your spouse and your friends can have a huge impact on how much you enjoy retirement. Studies have shown that it’s not what you do in retirement that will make you happiest, but rather who you do those things with. So, before you retire, think about the people you Continue reading The Importance of Relationships in Retirement

Making Retirement Better

What are you least looking forward to in retirement? Whatever that is, what are you doing to make it less unsavory and more palatable? While retirement is supposed to be a relaxing and enjoyable time, there will always be something that can add a little stress. For some it’s a constant worry about having enough saved. For others, it’s might be a worry about staying busy and active. Whatever that concern is, you should take steps to avoid it or to lessen it’s impact upon you. If concerns about finances are your worry, take time now to plan for the Continue reading Making Retirement Better