Boomers and the New Retirement

This Coronavirus pandemic is changing everything. Sure, you can tell yourself it’s only temporary and convince yourself that things will soon return to normal, but it’s highly unlikely that will happen (however, there’s nothing wrong with a little optimism!). For those of you Boomers out there getting ready for retirement, it will be different. First off, of course, is the fact that the economy and markets seem to have taken a turn. Yes, we are in a recession. That’s usually not a good thing, especially if you are planning on your portfolio or investments to keep making you money in Continue reading Boomers and the New Retirement

What’s Most Important?

One of the first question you will have to answer when you start saving for retirement or investing is what’s most important to you? The answer will allow you to focus your time, money, and effort in the most efficient manner, regardless of whether it’s saving or investing. Keep in mind that if you don’t know what’s most important to you, you won’t know how much you will need to save or invest. What’s important doesn’t necessarily have to be an asset or a trip, but can be something such as saving for retirement or building up an emergency fund. Continue reading What’s Most Important?

2020 is Here. Will You Make the Most of It?

It’s the beginning of a new year, which means it’s time for you to start thinking about your financial goals for the next 365 days. Do you want to have a certain amount saved up by the end of 2020? Do you want to pay down a particular debt? Do you plan on putting yourself on a budget and making a big purchase? Now is a good time to shape your goals for the year and take steps to begin doing whatever it is you have in mind financially. That may mean talking to a financial advisor or wealth manager. Continue reading 2020 is Here. Will You Make the Most of It?

It’s Almost the End of the Year. How Are Your Retirement Savings?

I’ve talked about it from time to time over the past few months, but now that there are only a few short days left in 2019, it’s a good time to review your retirement savings accounts. Over the past year: Where you able to save as much as you wanted to or intended to? Did your beneficiaries change? Did you open any new accounts? Did things change personally or professionally that would impact your retirement savings? These are important questions that you should be asking yourself at least once or twice a year. Regardless, the end of the year is Continue reading It’s Almost the End of the Year. How Are Your Retirement Savings?

A Time to Reflect and Give Thanks

With tomorrow being Thanksgiving, now is a good time to reflect on what you are thankful for in your life. Is it your family? Your health? Your career? A combination of all those things? Furthermore, with the year quickly winding down, now is a good time to being thinking about the past year and how things have changes, as well as to start thinking about what your goals are for 2020. This shouldn’t be a sudden process, but a gradual one in which you take your time and really think about things. So, for the time being, enjoy your time Continue reading A Time to Reflect and Give Thanks

Don’t Let Your Retirement Plan Lag!

It’s been a while since I’ve written about updating your retirement saving plans and plans for your post-work life. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’re probably aware of the fact that I do this from time to time. This is another one of those reminders. As we move into the final quarter of 2019, now is a good time to sit down and review your retirement plans and any associated documents. Take the time to ensure that they still match your goals and desires as well as where your current life is at. This means checking Continue reading Don’t Let Your Retirement Plan Lag!

Thinking Long-Term While Thinking Long-Term

Nobody likes to think about aging. After all, why would you want to think about getting old and all the aches and pains that goes along with it? However, if you want to live a comfortable retirement that’s financially feasible, you need to think about the costs that go along with aging. Growing old can be costly in America. Medical bills can really add up and they become even more unpredictable as you get older as our bodies are unable to recover like they did when we were young and spry. In particular, the costs of long-term care can be Continue reading Thinking Long-Term While Thinking Long-Term

Have You Done a Mid-Year Retirement Review?

July 1 is as close to the midway point of the year as you can get. Six months have passed and six months are left to go. Therefore, it’s a good time to do a review of your retirement savings and plans–not only to make sure you are on track for your yearly goals, but to also make sure your overall retirement plans and goals are still achievable. You will also want to use this review time to make sure the paperwork for your retirement plans are in order. Are the beneficiaries correct? Do you want to contribute more? Will Continue reading Have You Done a Mid-Year Retirement Review?