Protect Yourself and Your Savings From Bad Info

Retirement plans and the tax laws that govern them can be intricate and complex. Furthermore, the recently passed SECURE legislation has forced many wealth managers, financial advisors, and tax experts to relearn how some retirement plans work and the best strategies to deal with the changes. It’s no surprise then, with all that, even professionals can occasionally get confused and give incorrect advice. While we work tirelessly to ensure that we are knowledgeable of all the retirement account-related laws and regulations that impact our industry and the people we serve, we aren’t completely infallible. Sometimes we have clients come to Continue reading Protect Yourself and Your Savings From Bad Info

Sometimes Finance Is More Than Just Numbers

As you are probably well aware, not everyone understands finances. Some people just have a natural ability to understand the intricacies and formulas involved in finance and economics (chances are they’re probably good at math overall). The formulas out there regarding how much you should withdrawal for retirement alone can be downright tricky and confusing, especially for those without a financial planning background. However, just keep in mind that just because you understand how the numbers work doesn’t mean you will automatically be able to make them work for yourself. There are many Americans that don’t have the ability to Continue reading Sometimes Finance Is More Than Just Numbers

Saving for Retirement on Your Own? Beware the Risks

Many people take a do-it-yourself approach to retirement saving. For various reasons–usually because they feel that they can’t afford a financial advisor–they feel that they can do the retirement saving thing alone. Given the amount of free financial education resources found on the Internet as well as the growing number of companies that offering financial planning resources as part of benefits packages, it’s no surprise that some people feel they can do it alone. However, there are risks to going it alone in retirement planning and saving. One area that many one can run into with a DIY retirement is Continue reading Saving for Retirement on Your Own? Beware the Risks

Do You Have an Investment Strategy?

There is no sure-fire, one size fits all investment strategy out there. As you’ve probably found out from talking to friends or watching the market experts, there are a lot of different ways to go about investing and everyone seems to do it in their own unique way. What’s important is not just that you make your investments work for you, but that you invest in a manner that will help you achieve your future goals and plans. The best way to ensure you do that is by having an investment strategy. An investment strategy can help you to decide Continue reading Do You Have an Investment Strategy?

Keeping Emotions Out of Retirement Planning

If you are planning on investing or saving for retirement on your own–without with the help of an advisor–you may want to be careful of emotions. Dealing with investments, especially the stock market, can be an emotional venture. Too often, individuals let emotions drive their decisions to buy and sell investments, which many times leads to poor decision-making. If you intend to use the markets to fund your retirement plans, you need to know when to sell or ride-out a stock or investment. Emotions can cloud our judgments when it comes to that, which in turn prevents you from making Continue reading Keeping Emotions Out of Retirement Planning