Small Business Owner? Don’t Forgo Retirement Saving

If you are a freelancer or small business owner, you probably have a lot to worry about when it comes to your work or business. You have expenses to track, work to do, clients to satisfy, and maybe an employee or two to oversee. With all that, it can be easy to forget about saving for retirement. Not only that, but you don’t have the reminders regarding opening a retirement account or automatic retirement account enrollment that are standards in larger business and corporations. Thus, it’s imperative that you take it upon yourself to think about and take the required Continue reading Small Business Owner? Don’t Forgo Retirement Saving

Is Your Employer Helping You With Retirement Planning?

In recent years, you may have noticed your employer offering “financial wellness” services as part of their benefits package. These services are usually centered around retirement benefits, life insurance plans, and–more commonly among big companies–wealth management tools/resources. Financial wellness resources can include a number of offerings, including: retirement planning advice, financial planning services, debt management, and banking services (usually in the form of a credit union). You will most likely find that the bigger the employer, the more diverse the offerings. However, thanks to advancements in financial planning and modeling technology over the past decade, more and more employers are Continue reading Is Your Employer Helping You With Retirement Planning?

Do You Know When Your 401(k) Contribution Deposits Arrive?

We live in a highly technological world where much of what we do–from ordering food to running a business–can be done online. It’s therefore highly likely that if you have a retirement plan with your employer that you can access your plan through a website. Those websites often provide a wealth of information and ways to make changes to your plan. You can change beneficiaries or investments with a few mouse clicks and by filling out a few text boxes. While you may not spend much time on such websites, you should at least explore them when you visit and Continue reading Do You Know When Your 401(k) Contribution Deposits Arrive?

Making Sure You Match

Many employers offer matching retirement plan contributions if you have a plan through that employer. While those matching contributions often have limitations, they can still be a great benefit to take advantage of (who doesn’t want extra money being put into their retirement account?). However, many people forgo such benefits and options when working and planning for retirement. If you have a retirement plan through your employer, you should check to see if it offers an employer matching contribution option. If you are already taking advantage of such benefits, you should review the limitations to see if you are properly Continue reading Making Sure You Match