The Long Road Ahead for Baby Boomers

If you’re thinking seriously about retirement, then most likely you’re a member of the Baby Boomer generation. That means you were born at some point between 1946 and 1964, which currently puts much, if not all of that generation, right in that retirement sweet spot. However, given the havoc the Coronavirus has wreaked on the economy, you might be finding yourself rethinking your retirement plans. The reasons for this rethinking can vary. Maybe your nest egg took a hit in the market swings and you want to build it back up or maybe you lost your job and need a Continue reading The Long Road Ahead for Baby Boomers

The Impact of the Aging Boomer

Whether you want to admit it or not, the Baby Boomer generation is a large demographic. They have a large impact on society as the oldest members of the generation as well into retirement and the youngest are just starting to consider stepping away from the work force. The sheer numbers of the Baby Boomer generation will continue to have an impact on the economy and healthcare for decades to come. Keep in mind that they are living longer than past generations thanks to advances in healthcare and medicine. Why does all this matter? Well, it matters because any large Continue reading The Impact of the Aging Boomer

Working Beyond 65 Because You Can

In past blog posts, I’ve written about how working past age 65 is a reality that many Americans face because they don’t have enough saved for retirement. However, I haven’t really acknowledged that a number of Americans work past age 65 not because they need the money, but because they can and they want to. Many members of the Baby Boomer generation are working past 65 because they are healthier at that age than generations before them. They remain active well into their 70s. Furthermore, Baby Boomers are very well educated and want to continue to put that education–and the Continue reading Working Beyond 65 Because You Can