Staying Focused on Retirement During Trying Times

I’ve focused a lot on Coronavirus and how it has or may affect retirement plans for many. I see no reason to change that theme now. While parts of the country are starting to re-open, many areas are still largely shut down. There is also a lot of uncertainty surrounding opening up parts of the country. What happens in infections spike in areas that are reopening and they have to shut down again? Many predict, such a situation is a real possibility for places opening without a proper plan. It can be easy to become cautious regarding saving for retirement during such situations. You may cut back on your retirement account contributions so you can save up to build up an emergency fund. Or maybe your worried about not having a job that will make it through, so you focus on paying down some of the debts you have at the moment so that you won’t have to worry about them later. Or maybe you had your hours cut back, so you adjusted your nest egg contributions to make it through these times. There are a lot of reasons why you may have cut back or stopped making retirement account contributions. However, if your going through difficult times work and income-wise, that doesn’t mean you can’t continue to stay focused on retirement. You can work on your budgeting skills and areas you may feel weak in. You can also lower your contribution rates to free up money for the here and now. Once we get through this difficult time, you can then up the contributions when you have the resources to do so. The key is to stay focused on retirement and make the moves that will allow you to get there. If that means surviving through now to get to retirement later, then do so!