Finance Themed Gifts or the Holidays

We’re a little less than 10 days away from Christmas, so chances are, you’ve probably done all your holiday shopping at this point. However, if you’re looking for a few more gift ideas for your children or grandchildren, then maybe you might want to consider something with a focus on finances and money. For example, a book on personal finance can be a great gift that can help people more than they may even realize. There are many such books out there covering various aspects of personal finance, so you may want to stick with bestsellers on this. A personal finance book can make a great stocking stuffer too. If you know the person you’re buying for probably won’t read a book, then maybe consider a financial contribution to a 529 plan. While this may not bring immediate joy to a child’s face on Christmas Day, it may really help them in the future. The cost of a secondary education these days is immense and only looks to get more expensive as time goes on. Helping to get a 529 plan started for a young child or grandchild could go a long way once they graduate college and start out in the real world. It may not cover all the education expenses, but even just having a few thousand dollars less of debt can be a huge boost to a young adult. If you are retired, you can also consider making a qualified charitable distribution (QCD) to a charity in honor of a friend or family member. Not only will such a donation have a positive tax consequence, but it can also be a touching gift, especially if that person being honored has worked closely with that charity or it is a cause that they truly care about. If you have questions about 529 plan contributions or making a QCD, you should speak with a certified financial planner or wealth manager.