Being Healthy and Wealthy

I was recently reading an article that discussed the impact one’s health can have upon their retirement and retirement savings. This article wasn’t about the cost of healthcare in retirement and aging, but rather how living a healthy lifestyle can be really helpful when it comes to retirement and how it’s not impossible to do. When many people connect health and wealth in retirement, the conversation just about always centers around the cost of aging–things like medications, assisted living, visits with specialist doctors. Very few people talk about living a healthy lifestyle–both before retirement and once you reach retirement–and how that can make your nest egg go farther and your overall wealth increase. Yes, healthier people tend to be more successful professionally and tend to make more money. When you make more money you can build up a bigger nest egg! Doesn’t that sound nice? Realizing the way your health may impact your retirement savings can be huge from a planning standpoint as well. If you know that you may be susceptible to certain conditions or diseases (i.e. through genetics or lifestyle), then wouldn’t you want to plan for that? Of course you would. Now, if you aren’t living the healthiest lifestyle at the moment, don’t fear, it’s never too late to start. What matters is that you take the steps necessary to get healthy. How do you think your health might impact your wealth?